Tbilisi old town – an architectural gem

Tbilisi is one of the most architecturally unique places we have visited. Its old town is full of quirky old Eurasian buildings with carved wooden balconies and walls leaning in all possible directions.

This photo was also published by BBC Mundo on 27th January 2012.

When you look at these houses, you ask yourself how it is possible that they are still standing. In fact, some of them have been standing like that since the 18th century.

Tbilisi is truly charming and you won’t find two streets or houses that are like each other.

Our gallery was also publshed on Interesting Buildings on 25th February and by Georgia Art & Architecture on 18th May 2012.


Visit our Georgia country guide for more information!

written by: Ania

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4 Responses to Tbilisi old town – an architectural gem

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  3. sylvansays says:

    Great snaps. Tbilisi has a great architectural tradition, in spite of being nearly destroyed time and again by war and invasions.

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