Baku by night

There aren’t that many other cities in the world where a breeze smells of oil, but in Baku it’s a rather pleasant whiff.

Travelling to Baku in Azerbaijan, we didn’t really know what to expect. We anticipated an awful, dark and dirty little place, as we’d heard it’s the oil capital of the Caucasus. Quite to our surprise, we found it to be a charming, cobbled city teeming with historical buildings and sites of interest. And if it wasn’t for the oppressive heat, you would be able to stroll around the old town for hours, not getting tired of the cityscape.

Baku is an interesting city where old meets new, and poverty lives next door to wealth; vast wealth, wallowing in oil-made luxury.

This gallery shows the shiny sides of Baku, when the affluent citizens, after a scorching day, hit the streets for their evening walk…

This gallery was also published by I Love Azerbaijan on 11th April and by Azerbaijan Art & Architecture on 1th May 2012.

written by: Ania

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