Sardegna, Sardegna…

These pictures were taken during our last trip. We came back from Sardinia two days ago.

Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island located in the Mediterranean; in fact it’s its second largest island.

It’s a land of beautiful beaches, rocky coasts, steep hills, sheep and nuraghi, which are round, chimney-resembling megalithic edifices of which purpose archeologists have no clear idea. Some suggest that their function was religious; some argue that it rather was military and others are convinced that they simply served as ordinary dwellings or rulers’ residences. Whatever they were for, back in the murky Bronze Age, archeologists claim that they are one of the most advanced structures of their time and they truly are impressive, especially when you stand inside, look up at the sky and feel so small.

Sardinia is also an island dotted with thousands of little villages and small towns in which you can find very interesting murals and street art.

This picture was taken in San Sperate, a village located only 20km from Cagliari, which is full of interesting paintings and decorations. This is a scene from a local bar and I like this picture a lot as it’s rather hard to distinguish what is real and what is in the painting. Do you agree?

written by: Ania

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4 Responses to Sardegna, Sardegna…

  1. ewelinalucy says:

    do you have any recommendation about nice, tucked-in places to visit in Sardegna? I’m going there in November and was wondering about some cute villages or natural sites. I’ll definitely check San Sperate out!

  2. Apart from that, you should definitely go to: S’Archittu (it has an amazing beach with a natural tunnel/arch carved in rock by the sea), Barumini (with a UNESCO listed Nuraghe complex), San Giovanni di Sinis (with some early medieval churches and a castle at the end of a small peninsula surrounded by crashing waves), Capo Ferrato (with a stunning amandoned beach and a thick forest around) and Laconi (with some charming waterfalls).
    But that’s only the south of Sardinia, we didn’t make it to the north :( For some of these places you’d need a car as they are slightly off the beaten track. We were lucky to be guided by our lovely Sardinian friends!
    Good luck with your trip, you will love Sardinia!!! Are you going to hitch-hike?

    • ewelinalucy says:

      thanks for disclosing the pearls of the south, since most of the beautiful places I found were in the middle part of Sardegna. Of course I’m going to hitchhike – and if it turns out to be uneffective, my legs are an unfailable way to get around. Have you also hitchhiked there?

  3. No, we didn’t as we were with our local friends and with their car :) By no means do we want to discourage you, but they told us that hitch-hiking in Sardinia is nigh on impossible, so that should be fun! I’m looking forward to reading about this on your blog then! :)

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