Sighnaghi, Georgia

This pretty town of Sighnaghi is located in Kaheti region in Georgia, which borders Azerbaijan and Dagestan, and is famous for thousands of vineyards, which produce huge amounts of tasty black fruity Georgian wine every year.

Sighnaghi was founded upon previously existing ruins in the 18th century and saved as a refuge shelter from the attacks of Persians. Apparently nowadays it’s one of the smallest Georgian towns and it’s inhabited by only around 2000 people.

Sighnaghi is perched on a hill surrounded by vast, horizon reaching, stretches of plains. It’s probably the prettiest town in this region and its charming architecture and the hospitality of its people were truly irresistible.

There are plenty of homestays to choose from, so you can come here without worrying about a place to sleep. It’s also a perfect base to visit the nearby David Gareja, a monastery complex founded in the 6th century and entirely carved into the rock.

Yet again, a place where we stayed much shorter than we wished to…

If you ever find yourself in Sighnaghi, we can recommend a nice little cosy family-run restaurant where you can sample real Georgian cuisine. Its friendly owner speaks English and Russian. Main courses cost between 3 and 10 GEL.

‘Nikala’ Restaurant, Lolashvili 9 (tel. 555424765, 557950208;

(By the way, this lady doesn’t sponsor us in any way but we loved her cuisine and thought she might need some promotion :-) )


This page was also published by Interesting Buildings and I am Sighnaghi on 9th May 2012.


Visit our Georgia country guide for more information!

written by: Ania


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