The riches hidden in hitchhiking – by Hitchhiking Guru

Have you ever wondered what makes us step on the road with our thumbs stretched out in the hope of getting a lift? Explore this very philosophy of hitch-hiking aptly described by our second contributor.

Few would believe it, but hitchhikers are incredibly wealthy.

Sure, perhaps not in a financial sense, but I’m working on that. The very act of hitchhiking holds riches for the soul, riches for the mind and riches for the heart. Few are aware of how much potential for growth there is in throwing yourself head first into the murky depths of the unknown. This is what hitchhiking embodies. Hitchhiking is acting in spite of fear, which is the main obstacle between where we are and where we want to be. The more we hitchhike, the more we step out of our comfort zones, the more we push ourselves and test limits, the freer we are. Every time we are hitchhiking we are reminded – everything is a miracle.

To raise yourself up so that you are pushing against the boundaries society has imposed, to test yourself, to stretch beyond your perceived limits, this is our deepest instinct. Fulfilling our dormant desire to constantly grow is our greatest task in life. Why is it people climb mountains? Why is it people explore to the ends of this earth and beyond? Why is it people redefine the limits of their body and mind? You may think that these people are different to you and I, but you are wrong. Lying within every one of us is an urge, a niggling itch longing to be scratched. If you were to sit in silence long enough you would hear or at the very least feel it. The call for adventure is within us all, yet it is only a select few who answer it. Why is this? Why is it that the human race has grown so insecure that we no longer listen to our dreams?

To view the world as a child does; what a sweet experience we have robbed ourselves of. What happened to the idea that everything is a miracle? Hitchhiking reminds us of this neglected fact. Every time we are picked up, every time someone is kind, every time we experience generosity and compassion, every time we conquer fear, every time we view the world with fresh eyes, we grow. Hitchhikers are wealthy in the sense that we have the luxury of viewing the world from a different angle with each new ride. Each vehicle we enter is another person’s life. We see things from their perspective, gaining understanding as to how they came to view the world in this way. We’re no longer bound to our world view, we’re temporarily in their shoes, an enlightening experience. It breeds tolerance, acceptance, communication, unity and understanding. For me hitchhiking is an art form of healing. An act which gives so much.

Hitchhiking is the quest for our deepest desire to explore and push ourselves, never settling for second best.

Settling is such a horrible action, it’s the ultimate insult you could sling at yourself. You know you deserve more. Hitchhiking Guru celebrates all those who have the balls to know what they want and go for it.

Hitchhikers are part of that rare breed who has answered their inner call for adventure, their inner call to push boundaries and redefine what is possible. Hitchhiking is an act of courage and adventure, of freedom and generosity. By standing by the road we are doing more than trying to get a ride, we are improving the world. We lift others up so that they may have the courage to act on what they have ignored for too long. That tingle deep within, the suspicion that there is more to this life than the little bubble we have made for ourselves. A hitchhiker’s presence sets a course so that others may follow. Hitchhikers let people know that yes, there is so much more to this life than our comfort zones we sit so stubbornly in the midst of.

Where hitchhiking is flourishing the people embrace strangers, relish the unknown, and cherish hospitality.

Hitchhiking Guru wants to witness a shift, a turning from fear based actions to ones of love. We want to see this world grow to embrace hitchhiking once more, cherish it for the joyous act of freedom it is.

When you next see a hitchhiker on the road, nod your head, you’re in the presence of a visionary, wealthy in ways you cannot imagine.

And perhaps, if you have the heart, give them a lift, it’ll brighten the day.

written by: Hitchhiking Guru
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