Interesting shop windows from around the world [photo challenge] – YOUR PICTURES

We’ve had a fantastic response to our first photo challenge and have received some really great shop window photos. Thanks a lot to everyone who participated and we are really sorry we couldn’t publish all the photos we’ve received but there were just too many! Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend, everybody!

This is your gallery

The first interesting shop window photo I’d like to show you was taken in Groningen, Netherlands. Great colours and and an undeniable sense of style on display! The photo was taken by Aheroy(2Busy), a Dutch photographer specialising in great HDR shots, mostly of his hometown.

Another photo, sent to us by Sonja Obdeijn, was taken in Antwerpen, Belgium. I love this bunch of naked dummies, posing for the photo like models. As Sonja told us, the photo shows “a limited variation of the skin tones of the human race”.

This colourful picture of a children’s clothes shop in Islamabad, Pakistan was taken by Isa Daupota. I’m not sure if I’d ever shop there, to me it looks like a scene from some dark horror movie!

Failure of Population Control

Another lovely picture sent to us in response to our photo challenge was taken in Paris, France by Thomas Barnes. I love the reflection of the beautiful Parisian streets in the mirrors on display. Simply great shot!

This picture, sent to us by Alex Burt, was taken in Sri Lanka and shows a multi-levelled department store with human-size dummies wearing colourful clothes on display. From a distance they look more like Barbie dolls to me!

Another interesting shop window, sent to us by Fernan JC, was taken in Noia, A Coruña, Spain. Very original decoration for a women’s clothing store but what clothes are they actually selling?

This photo, showing unusually curved dummies was taken in Firenze, Italy by Tor Sten. Most definitely an eye-catching shop window!

This travel book shop in The Hague, Netherlands has already put its Christmas decoration out. I suppose, the early bird catches the worm. The photo was sent by Jose Day.

This shop window on Oxford Street, London, UK went hipster. Photo sent by Chris Beckett.

Have yourself a geeky little Christmas...

This shop in Lhasa, Tibet sells massive fake precious stones. I’m asking myself who wouldn’t buy one of them on their trip to Tibet? The photo was sent by Alex Burt.

Another photo from Groningen, Netherlands sent by Aheroy(2Busy) shows a religious art shop window. Whenever I see shops like that I wonder if regular people really buy that?

Religion Art,Groningen stad , the Netherlands,Europe

This well taken photo of shop dummies in Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain was sent by Robert Newsome.

And what do you do if you don’t have well-presentable dummies to show on display? I guess you just have to make do with what you’ve got in the shop. This photo taken in Wells, Somerset, UK was sent by Sheila Black.

This picture of a shop window in London’s Chinatown, UK, draws attention less by what they have on offer, but rather by this woman with a great facial expression in front of it!

The picture was sent by Esther Simpson.

And another great shot from Lhasa, Tibet submitted by Alex Burt. Maybe it’s not a shop window, but it’s definitely common practice in Asia to display your meat like this on the street. We saw a similar thing in a Laotian market. Alex told us that “the meat is yak, which tasted okay under normal circumstances, but is not the least bit tempting here!”

Be sure to visit Alex’s blog, she’s got a really interesting collection of shop windows herself.

This curious looking dummy peering out of a shop window in Bristol, UK was sent by Elsie Jones. Be sure to check out her kitsch & curious Flickr gallery.

looking out

And the last interesting shop window for today was sent by John Clark and taken in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA. As John told us: “Daytona Beach has been a tourist magnet for over a century. It possesses a beautiful beach, long history, and a plethora of wonderful kitschy shops. When I saw this window it seem to hold the air of all the shops that have come and gone in Daytona Beach”.

Thanks to all the participants and come back for another photo challenge! We will set another one soon!

written by: Ania



Interesting shop windows from around the world
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