How to travel on a budget (transportation: part 2 – carpooling)

Welcome to the 2nd part of our guide to budget travelling, where we offer useful tips, hints and guidance on how to keep the costs down. Check out the 1st part How to travel on a budget (transportation: part 1 – hitchhiking), in which we focus on the cheapest and in our opinion, the best way of travelling.


also known as car-sharing, ride-sharing, lift-sharing, covoiturage
and compartir coche

We have all heard opinions that hitch-hiking can be dangerous. Nothing of that sort has ever happened to us (touch wood), but there is no denying that if you don’t use your common sense you might get yourself in trouble. However, not everyone would feel comfortable getting into a stranger’s car and being driven into the unknown. For those of you who are ready to pay a bit more for the peace of mind, carpooling has been invented.

The idea is simple. It’s almost like hitch-hiking but you organise your ride in advance over the internet. There are numerous websites through which you can get in touch with a potential driver or passenger in order to reduce the cost of your journey. You agree where the trip would start and finish and what you would contribute towards the toll roads and petrol expenses. You can also share the driving between you, which is very handy for longer journeys.

Carpooling is also environmentally friendly as it reduces carbon emissions and road congestion.

The disadvantage is the fact that not always will you be able to find people who would travel the same distance, exactly the same day you’re planning your trip for.

Useful links:

  • – most European countries (free registration; website available in English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian and Greek)
  • – USA, Europe and other places around the world (free carpool matching, website in English)
  • – Spain, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Belgium (100% free, iPhone carpooling App, website in English, Spanish, Catalan, Euskara, Galego, French, German, Portuguese and Italian)
  • – many countries around the world (free registration, in English)
  • – free and user friendly interface (in English and German)
  • – mostly UK (free registration, in English)
  • – USA, free registration
  • – USA, free registration

hitch-hiking to Kutaisi, Georgia

written by: Ania



How to travel on a budget (transportation: part 1 – hitchhiking) Crossing borders - guide, tips
How to travel on a budget (transportation: part 1 – hitchhiking)
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