Travel Photography Competition – week 26

Welcome to the 26th edition of our popular Travel Photography Competition, in which we review photos sent to our Facebook page by our contributing photographers scattered all around the planet. This week we’ve got for you the three most popular pictures published between 19th and 25th December 2012.

The first winning photo shows Mir-i Arab Madrasa with a crescent moon at dusk in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. The madrasa belongs to the Poi Kalyan architectural complex and was built in the 1530’s, during the reign of Ubaydallah Khan. It plays an education role until the present day, consisting of over a hundred student cells.

Mir-i Arab Madrassah, Bukhara, Uzbekistan - by Georgina Goodwin, Travel Photography Competition

This lovely picture was sent by Georgina Goodwin, a photojournalist, born and raised in Kenya. After winning two Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards in Kenya in 2005 she has become one of Kenya’s most dynamic young photographers with experience in many different styles and genres of photography. Intrigued? Visit Georgina’s blog.

The second winner this week was taken in the heart of London, UK, showing Big Ben in the background. As is often mistaken, Big Ben is not the name of the tower but the bell inside. The tower is called “Elizabeth Tower” and it’s the third tallest free-standing belfry in the world. This most recognisable symbol of the English capital celebrated its 150th anniversary on 31 May 2009.

Big Ben, Elizabeth Tower, London, UK - by Wameq A Raza, Travel Photography Competition

This lovely shot was taken by Wameq A Raza. Wameq and his wife Misha are both PhD students and passionate photographers. Check out their Facebook page W&M Photography for more!

And the last winning photo in this week’s selection was taken in Porto, Portugal. Porto, which is the second largest city in Portugal, is also one of the oldest European metropolises and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Port wine, one of Portugal’s most famous exports, was named after the city since it’s produced mostly in the Douro River Valley, which has its outlet in Porto.

Porto, Portugal - by Manuel Meneses, Travel Photography Competition

This photo was sent by Manuel Meneses, a photographer based in Porto. For more of his work, visit his facebook page ManuelMeneses | Fotografia.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s edition of the competition, either by sending or by voting for the pictures! We wish you nice end of the weekend!


What are Travel Photography Contribution Weeks?

Each week we publish the three pictures which got the most “likes” on our Facebook page giving the photographers the credit they deserve.

Visit our Travel Photography page to see all the previous winning photos and find out how you can participate.

If your pictures are among this week’s selection, feel free to link to our website and tell your friends about it.

Keep sending your photos and travel safe!



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6 Responses to Travel Photography Competition – week 26

  1. Dilawez Durdana says:

    Congrats Wameq & Misha! Proud of u!! :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Mike! You should enter with some of your great photos too! :)

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