Salamanca: hitchhiking and transport tips


Salamanca airport is located 15km to the east of the city and offers frequent services to Barcelona, Paris and charter flights to Palma de Mallorca and the Canary Islands. In the summer additional services to destinations such as Gran Canaria, Málaga and Ibiza are offered.

Salamanca’s Estación de Salamanca (train station) (Paseo de La Estación) is run by RENFE and offers frequent services to Madrid, via Ávila, and to Valladolid. There are also daily trains to Barcelona, Zaragoza and even international routes to Paris.

The bus station, Estación de Autobuses de Salamanca, (Av de Filiberto Villalobo) offers hourly buses to Madrid and regular services to Ávila and Segovia. There are less frequently run routes to national destinations such as Bilbao and Cádiz. International buses can also be taken from the bus station with destinations in France, Germany and Portugal.

 People walking down Calle Libreros, with Church of the Holy Spirit at the street's end - Salamanca, Spain (80)

The local bus system is run by S.A. and offers 12 bus lines and 1 night-bus that span the whole city. A standard single ticket costs €1.05 and many of the routes travel along Av Mirat just north of Plaza Mayor. Check out this useful map with the lines and stops clearly marked.

Salamanca is at the cross roads of three important Spanish motorways. The A-50 Autovía de la Cultura runs south-east directly from Salamanca to Ávila. The A-62 Autovía de Castilla heads to Burgos in the north-east and Portugal to the west. The north-south lying A-66 Autovía Ruta de la Plata passes around Salamanca and connects to Gijón in the north and Sevilla in the south. There are also a couple of national roads leading from Salamanca, the N-501 heads south-east and the N-620 west to Portugal.

Key Holder's Tower with small red car - Salamanca, Spain (86)

Hitchhiking Out

West towards Portugal & South towards Cáceres

Verified by HitchHikersHandbook.comThe key to this hitch-hike is to get to the edge of town. From Plaza España take Linea 11 – Buenos Aires. This bus will take you to the eastern most extremities of the city from which you will be able to hitch a ride along the A-62 west and the A-66 south. Get out of the bus and the last stop and turn left at the roundabout for the A-66 or for the A-62, cross the roundabout head under the bridge and try to find a safe place to stand. We waited for 20 minutes before a truck stopped to take us to Portugal.

North-East towards Valladolid & Burgos

On Gran Vía near to the Correos (post office) are a number of bus signs one of them stating Polígono Los Villares de la Reina – línea 25. This red bus will travel though an industrial zone with lots of warehouse, eventually leading you to a large roundabout with a large statue of a metal loop with a curved rod running through it. This is your stop and ahead of you is the beginning of the A-62 to Valladolid. You can hitch-hike from anywhere on the dirt hard-shoulder.

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