Hitch-hiking in pictures [photo challenge]

Hello hitch-hikers, backpackers and travellers around the world! Welcome to our first photo challenge of 2013!

As we’ve already had our first hitch-hiking trip this year, coming from New Year celebrations in Bristol back to London, we thought that the first photo challenge in 2013 should correspond with our favourite way of travelling.

Have a look at our selection of hitch-hiking photos, which is not that impressive as when we hitch-hike we usually focus on getting the lift more than taking pictures of getting the lift :)

Hitch-hiking in Aragón, Spain, on our way from Aínsa to Torla and Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdido. Empty roads and enticing mountains on the horizon…

Hitch-hiking in Aragón, Spain

Posing for a photo with our drivers in Debed Canyon, Armenia. If you want to start hitch-hiking, Armenia is the perfect choice for you: it’s easy, cheap, the people are really friendly and the landscapes are stunning!

Read the summary of our hitch-hiking trip in Armenia.

Hitch-hiking in Armenia, Debed Canyon, near Vanadzor

One of our many Turkish drivers. We didn’t share a common language so we had to make do with gestures and smiles.

Read the summary of our month-long hitch-hiking trip in Turkey, in which we covered 4233 km.

Our Turkish driver, during our hitch-hiking trip in 2011

Portugal is not the easiest country for hitch-hiking. Sometimes it took us 7h to travel 30km, so we recommend it only if you have a lot of time to spare.

We very rarely make signs, as we believe some people might not stop if they are not going to exactly where we have indicated.

However, on our way from Porto to Coimbra, the waiting got to us and in our desperation we made this appealing sign.

Hitch-hiking in Portugal, 'good people' sign

I took this photo from a lorry window while hitch-hiking in Turkey in 2011.

Photo taken from a truck/car window in Turkey, while hitch-hiking

With one of our drivers in Spain, during the last stretch of our “A dedo por la Península Ibérica” trip in 2012, in which we hitch-hiked across Spain and Portugal.

Hitch-hiking in Spain

Jon’s hairy legs resting on the dashboard of one of our Turkish lorries. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of hitch-hiking in Turkey.

Jon's hairy legs on a lorry's dashboard while hitch-hiking in Turkey

One of our drivers in Georgia. We were so lucky to be picked up by this guy twice in two completely different parts of the country! How lucky is that? :)

Hitch-hiking in Georgia

Here with other hitch-hikers from Poland we randomly met in the deep south of Armenia.

With other hitch-hikers from Poland in southern Armenia

One of our relaxed Turkish drivers. He liked being comfortable while driving and, I swear, I saw him drop off to sleep a couple of times… Glad to still be alive!

One of our relaxed Turkish drivers. Hitch-hiking in Turkey in 2011.

Some lovely Spanish people who picked us up on our way to Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Photo with people who gave us a lift on our way to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Tony, an ex-heroin addict, now a truck driver, helping us cross the Spain-Portugal border. Read Tony’s story and watch the video of our border crossing experience.

With Tony, an ex-heroin addict and a truck driver. Hitchhiking between Spain and Portugal.

These two Turkish families met while helping us on the road and then all together we were invited for dinner at one of their houses! There are no limits to Turkish hospitality!

Turkish families who met while helping us

Looking at these pictures makes me think that it’s a really big shame we have no photos of us hitch-hiking in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Greece and the UK, but live and learn. Next time we’re on the side of a road praying for a lift, I’ll make sure we’ve got our camera handy too!

Now it’s your turn to show us how you hitch-hike!

Would you like to participate?

  1. Post you hitch-hiking photos on our Facebook page. Indicate where the photo was taken and write “hitch-hiking – HHH challenge”. The best shots will be added to our gallery with a link to your website/FB profile.
  2. If you don’t have a Facebook account, post your hitch-hiking photos on your blog/Flickr page, write “hitch-hiking – HHH challenge” underneath, link it to our blog and tell us about it in the comment. The best shots will be added to our gallery with a link to your website.

What are hitch-hiking photos?

Photos of you waiting for a lift; your drivers; other hitch-hikers and roads you travelled on.

You have one week to participate. The challenge closes on 31st March at 12.00 pm (CET).

Make sure to read our other articles related to hitch-hiking:

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  • Country guides – find the country in which you want to hitch-hike.



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22 Responses to Hitch-hiking in pictures [photo challenge]

  1. pankchophoto says:

    Amazing!!! As soon as I have some free time I’ll read the stories one by one…

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  3. Martin says:

    Thanks a lot for your invite! You find my entry here:


  4. Michél says:

    So – there´s me, waiting at Stuart Highway. Indeed normally you won´t take pictures of yourself while waiting. But when waiting around an hour between cars, you need something to do in between.

    Hope that works out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/michelpretzsch/8393008046/in/photostream


  5. Camila Ulloa says:

    Hacer dedo
    That’s my picture! we were going up the mountains in Chile, Los Andes.

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  7. robino says:

    Hi. Nice challenge! Here you have my contribution: http://robokow.net/2013/03/the-fun-is-in-doing-it/

  8. Mika says:

    Hiya, as per requested, here’s my contribution :)
    Hitchhiking in Lapland

  9. Mesq says:

    Hiya, as per requested here’s my contribution :)
    Hitchhiking in Lapland

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  11. Michael says:

    Thanks for the invite, I like the set up of your page. Hitchhiking is a great way of meeting new types, I guess flickr is too.

    Hope this works for you,
    Joffrey hitchhiking between Esquel and El Bolson

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  14. Harbans says:

    Thanks visiting my blog.

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