Hitch-hiking in pictures [photo challenge] – YOUR PHOTOS

We’ve had a great response to our latest photo challenge and received a very interesting selection of photos you’ve taken while hitch-hiking.

Massive thanks to everyone who participated and we are very sorry we couldn’t publish all the photos you sent but we loved every single one of them.

This is your gallery and your stories

The first photo we’d like to show you is the oldest one we’ve received. It was taken by Jean-Paul Bois-Margnac while hitch-hiking in Algeria in summer 1954.

“Hitchhiking on the road Algiers-Oran, a few months before the 1954 tragic All Saints Day which saw the start of the “War” of Algeria. Note the woven straw hat hanging on the backpack that I bought during my visit to Tlemcen. For this self-portrait, I had put my camera on the edge of the road and had activated the timer.”

Hitch-hicking  in Algeria, 1954 - by Jean-Paul Margnac

Michel Pretzsch took this lovely photo while hitching in the middle of nowhere in Australia.

Hitch-hiking in Australia - by Michel Pretzsch

This photo was taken by Hallvar Hauge Johnsen while hitch-hiking across the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

“After the summer of ’11, a friend of mine was going to down south to work and we figured we wanted to hitchhike through Lofoten (Norway). We started in Svolvær and planned to get as far as Å. The shot was taken when we were waiting for a ride for about 45 minutes. I placed the camera on a little rock and ran up on the road to be a part of the picture. By the time the the picture was taken, the camera had tipped to the side and gave the whole image a more dramatic look.”

Hitch-hiking in the Lofoten Islands, Norway - by Hallvar Hauge Johnsen

Camila Ulloa took this picture while hitch-hiking in the Andes in Chile.

Hitch-hiking in the Andes, Chile - by Camila Ulloa

Matei Domnita hitch-hiked with his friend from Cavtat, Croatia to Montenegro.

Hitch-hiking from Cavtat, Croatia to Montenegro - by Matei Domnita

This picture was taken on the way from Osaka to Tokyo, Japan in 1977 by Ric Brooks. This is his story:

“While studying in Japan another student and I went on our first trip in Japan since starting classes. This was December of 1977. We hitch hiked from Osaka to Tokyo on our way to the island of Hokkaido in the northern part of Japan. As was usual in Japan at this time (don’t know if it is true now) the Japanese were more than gracious hosts even in their cars. We were taken out of their way to find us another ride and even had lunch bought for us. (…) The second ride we got gave us this awful dried banana. It was black. We had to do the right thing and eat them. Uuuuuuugh!”

Hitch-hiking from Osaka to Tokyo, Japan - by Ric Brooks

This action shot was sent by Attila Juhász who was hitch-hiking in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

Hitch-hiking in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria - by Attila Juhász

And this is Erik Butenschon “hitchin a ride near Todos Santos, Guatemala.

Hitch-hiking near Todos Santos, Guatemala - by Erik Butenschon

Check out this great shot by Robino who was hitch-hiking to Berlin, Germany.

“This photo is of me hitching to Berlin in 2010, taken somewhere along the German highway. I was hitching to Berlin to help organising the third edition of the European Hitchgathering.

Hitch-hiking to Berlin, Germany - by Robino

This is Jenya Dubova who took this photo in Trento, Italy.

“We came to Val di Fiemme hoping to ski in one of the most beautiful resorts of Italy. The weather was amazing, the nature was fantastic… but there was no snow! So we were hitchhiking through the mountains trying to find a snowy slope.”

Hitch-hiking in Trento, Italy - by Jenya Dubova

This picture shows Flavio Ricci while hitching a ride in Newport, County Mayo, Ireland.

Hitch-hiking in Newport, County Mayo, Ireland - by Flavio Ricci

Ekaterina Izmestieva during her hitch-hiking trip in Israel.

Hitch-hiking in Israel - by Ekaterina Izmestieva

Clabbe Bjurstrom standing on the side of the road in Dakar on the way to Saint-Louis, Senegal.

Hitch-hiking in Dakar, Senegal - by Clabbe Bjurstrom

Haukur Sigurðsson hitch-hiked in Tehuelches, Argenitna. What an epic road to find yourself on!

Hitch-hiking in Tehuelches, Argenitna - by Haukur Sigurðsson

Jim Dory took this shot while hitching in Idaho, USA.

“Taken along the lonely Highway 95, Idaho, perhaps at the Genesse cutoff but don’t really remember. One could spend a lot of time reflecting along that highway.”

Hitch-hiking in Idaho, USA  by Jim Dory

Emmanuel Marshall took this picture while hitch-hiking in Victorian High Country, Australia. Read his full story about looking for the rainbow here.

Hitch-hiking near Budgewoi, New South Wales, Australia - by Emmanuel Marshall

Elizabeth Scupham hitch-hiked in the Italian Alps in 1969.

“I was with my friend Leslie, we were in the middle of nowhere and it was beginning to get dark.”

Hitch-hiking in the Italian Alps - by Elizabeth Scupham

Mika Meskanen took this picture while hitch-hiking in Lapland, Finland.

“It’s not easy to get a lift in Lapland. Especially in a fog at 8 o’clock in the morning.”

Hitch-hiking in Lapland - by Mika Meskanen

This photo was sent by Martin  who hitch-hiked near Muxia, Spain.

“Having some bloody toes and generally being tired from walking on the “Camino de Santiago” towards the final goal – Finisterra (End of the World) – my friend and I decided to stop walking and try to hitchhike. Well, and we had no luck for 2-3 hours trying to catch a ride in the blazing Spanish sunshine. After 2-3 cans of delicious Estrella Galicia I came up with a more creative way of raising attention. And eventually it worked out. :D Good Times!!”

Hitch-hiking near Muxia, Spain - by stopmagohome

Here we show only one picture but you must check out the whole album by Thomas Parisot who hitch-hiked across Iceland. Thomas with an extraordinary meticulousness archives his rides, if only we were that organised… ;-)

This picture was taken on the way from Höfn to Jökulsárlón.

“This Australian guy was in Iceland for a week. Like Andrew and Brittany we’ve met days before, he flew from Germany. His parents still live there. According to him, Icelandic landscapes have a lot in common with Australia… except the ubiquitous mountains all around. Wilderness. Wide places. Emptiness. At least, it’s the case with the Souther Iceland. He climbed and walked in a glacier; not having a shower for 5 days.
“I stink!”
We stop to take a picture of him with his own camera. While framing, he climbs on the car, naked feet.
“Do you play American football?”, he answers an explicit “Oh Hell. Never. Ever. Never say to an Australian he is an American.”
Very gentle. He is happy to discover a new spot before going back to Reykjavik.”

Hitch-hiking from Höfn to Jökulsárlón, Iceland - by Thomas Parisot

This picture was taken by Artūrs Kozulis outside Paris on the way to Lyon, France.

Hitch-hiking from paris to Lyon, Ftance - by Artūrs Kozulis

This shot was sent by Botafogo da Russia who was hitch-hiking from Saint-Petersburg, Russia to Odessa, Ukraine.

“I’m glad to share with you a photo from our hitch-hiking trip from Saint-Petersburg, Russia to Odessa, Ukraine. The main aim was simple – to see the sea, so we wrote on a piece of paper not a name of the city, but this destination – “Море” (sea). 1500 kilometres away from the sea drivers were smiling viewing it.”

Hitch-hiking to Odessa, Ukraine - by Botafogo da Russia

Dimitri Sregnob while hitch-hiking from Ivalo to Rovaniemi, Finland.

Hitch-hiking from Ivalo to Rovaniemi, Finland - by Dimitri Sregnob

Wendy Watters hitch-hiked with her children in the middle of Australian desert. This is their story:

“Our first impromptu hitchhiking experience. Our car broke down in the middle of Australian Desert on our way to Uluru. We were in the middle of our three month drive/caravan trip around Australia. This day, we hiked around Kings Canyon 7 hours then hitchhiked back to the caravan park. We had no luck with the four of us… people giving us funny looks hitchhiking in the middle of Australia with two kids! We kept ourselves entertained playing on the quiet outback road. It was very hot and still. Then we decided to split up, father and son, mother and daughter. We had to go around the carpark asking for a lift. Reluctantly people agreed to drive us the hour back to our camp. All in all it was a really fun experience. It has given us the confidence now to plan our next big trip backpacking West Coast Canada.”

Hitch-hiking in Australia - by Wendy Watters

Michael Watson sent us this photo of his friend Joffrey hitch-hiking between Esquel and El Bolson, along Ruta 40 in Patagonia, Argentina. We’re planning to do our South American hitch-hiking trip next year and this definitely looks exciting!

Hitch-hiking in Patagonia, Argentina - by Michael Watson

Thanks to all the participants and come back for another photo challenge! We will set another one soon!



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