The Balkan Peninsula by thumb 2013: a rough itinerary

It hadn’t been easy to decide where to travel next. We had many different alternatives and two main trips in mind:

  • either go to Asia (Russia -> Mongolia -> China -> India -> Nepal -> Tibet -> Tajikistan -> Kyrgyzstan -> Uzbekistan -> Turkmenistan -> Kazakhstan)
  • or to South America (Argentina -> Chile -> Peru -> Bolivia -> Paraguay -> Uruguay).

Both of these routes would require a considerable amount of money and at least 6 months to complete, which means we would have to give up our teaching jobs in Barcelona.

We’ve been also considering finding a hotel job in Norway in order to get some quick and easy money to financially support the trip. We’ve managed to find a job which would start in September (haven’t decided if we’re going to accept the offer yet as we really love our Barcelona lives), which means we have the summer to travel somewhere close and then either come back to Barcelona or go to Norway.

Whatever will happen in September, we have decided that in three weeks time we will start our Balkan Peninsula by Thumb trip and go back to where we met in Macedonia nearly six years ago. If you’re interested in how we met, you can read about it from our two different points of view: from Jon’s perspective here and from Ania’s perspective here.

We will start our 2 month hitch-hiking trip in Rome and finish probably either in Hungary or in Vienna, with Ohrid in Macedonia being our highlight.

Sveti Jovan at Kaneo, Ohrid, Macedonia

This is our very rough itinerary:


It’s only a draft as we really haven’t thought about it yet but if you have been to any of the places on our route and consider it worth visiting or if you can think of any dos and don’ts, please give us you opinion in the comment box below. We would appreciate any first-hand comments and recommendations :)

written by: Ania



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9 Responses to The Balkan Peninsula by thumb 2013: a rough itinerary

  1. Filip says:

    The tour looks great. You should visit the city of Kotor in Montenegro instead of Podgorica. And don’t miss the monastery of Ostrog, also in Montenegro. It’s a really unique place.
    All the best on your trips :)

  2. sarahep says:

    Cool itinerary! I just got back from 7 weeks hitchhiking and bussing a different but similar route. I would advise against staying longer than a day in Skopje, it’s pretty terrible. I didn’t go, but apparently the coast of Bulgaria, Varna in particular, is really beautiful. I never went to Ohrid but have only heard great things! Stay long enough in Budapest to have a Turkish bath! And I would say hit Bratislava for a night, the old city is beautiful, and it is only 50 km away from Vienna and very easy to hitch to. I was picked up in 10 minutes!
    Goodluck and happy travels, I will be following the journey!


    • Great, thanks for your ideas, Sarah! We met in Skopje so we are definitely going back and it’s true that Ohrid is fantastic, so we are planning to visit it as well. Which of the countries you have visited on this route was the most difficult to hitch-hike?

      • sarahep says:

        I’m glad you have good memories in Skopje!
        I would say Croatia was difficult at times to hitch a ride, and also Bulgaria. I got stuck in Slovenia for a few hours as well… Obviously truck drivers were more prone to pull over, but the sketchy meter always goes up with them, and it’s harder to catch a ride with trucks as two people.
        I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to pics of your trip!

  3. I haven’t been to any of these places so I will be following your journey with great interest.

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