Cycling, tight rope walking and the tiny capital of Ljubljana

Hitch-hiking on the Italy-Slovinia border near Trieste

The hitchhike from Trieste in Italy to the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana took 3 hours and two lifts. After getting from Trieste to the border we stood around for a while having absolutely no luck until a truck driver slowed down and yelled at Ania in Polish. As they say: ‘you can take the girl out of Poland but you can’t take Poland out of the girl’ and despite Ania’s protestations to the contrary, she looks Polish enough to be spotted by a truck driver from 50 m.

With our first driver in Slovenia - a Polish lorry driver

After being dropped off and working out our bearings, we realised that we were incredibly close to the home of our next couchsurfing hosts: Tanja, a 23 year old architecture student and her partner Borut, a 27 year old physiotherapist. Result!

Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia

Ljubljana is in so many ways perfect. It’s green, well managed, peaceful yet vibrant and quaintly beautiful. It is so small that the best form of transport is a bike, something which, thanks to the kindness of our hosts who lent us their city bike cards, we took advantage of. Peddling from our host’s house through the large city park to the winding medieval streets, admiring the architecture of the city was a personal high point of the trip so far. The medieval Ljubljana castle sitting above the town offers lovely views across the city and is also a must.

Ljubljana Old Town - view from the castle

Whilst drinking beers with Tanja and Borut in the park I also tried something for the first time. Whilst living in Plymouth in England, Tanja and Borut took a liking to tight rope walking and had brought one to the park with them. So there I could be found, two feet in the air, one foot on a shaking piece of chord the other scooping air in a desperate attempt to stay balanced. Needless to say, I was crap.

Town Hall, Ljubljana, Slovenia

We also visited an amazing area called Metelkova City: a squat, cultural centre, concert hall and drinking area that must be seen to be believed.

written by: Jon


Follow our 2 month hitch-hiking trip across the north of Italy and the Balkan Peninsula:‘The Balkan Peninsula by Thumb 2013′. It’s happening now!



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