InFocus: Aqueduct of Segovia [Segovia, Spain]

El Acueducto de Segovia is the most important and best preserved example of Roman engineering on the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the symbol of Segovia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the unmissable focal point of the city.

Segovia (19) - Acueducto

Construction was carried out between the 1st and 2nd century and is all the more impressive due to the fact that not a drop of mortar was used to hold the 25,000 granite blocks and 170 arches together. The Aqueduct Bridge, spanning the city centre, is its defining feature and is 818 metres long and its the highest point, right in the central square, measures an imposing 29 metres.

Segovia (16) - Acueducto

The aqueduct transports water from the Fuente Fría and runs for 15 km before even entering the city, but it is only when the structure make a sharp turn at Plaza de Díaz Sanz (Díaz Sanz Square) towards Plaza Azoguejo (Azoguejo Square) that the enormous beauty of it becomes apparent.


Segovia (9) - Acueducto

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written by: Jon



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3 Responses to InFocus: Aqueduct of Segovia [Segovia, Spain]

  1. this is killing me! i’m dying to travel! great pics.

  2. Still beautiful… I saw it in the 90’s and it still amazes me :)

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