Travel Photography Competition – week 60

Hello everyone and welcome to the 60th edition of our popular Travel Photography Competition! This week we will be looking at photos sent into our Facebook page between 13th and 20th September.

This week we’ve got more than the usual amount of photos to show you, as we have not three but six winners!

In first position there is only one unquestionable winning shot which was taken on the Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. This historic bridge, which crosses the Vltava river, was built between 14th and 15th century during the reign of King Charles IV. The bridge is 621 m long and almost 10 m wide. It is built upon 16 arches and decorated by a line of 30 baroque statues.

Vagelis Pikoulas - Charles bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
This stunning photo of Prague’s icon was sent by Vagelis Pikoulas, our regular Greek contributor. If you like this picture, go to Vagelis’ Flickr photostream for more.


In the second position we have two photos this week, the first of which shows this magnificent rock called Hvítserkur in Iceland. Its name literally means “white nightgown” in Icelandic and it can be found on the east coast of the Vatnsnes Peninsula. The rock is about 15 m high with two holes at the base, which give it the appearance of a drinking dragon/dinosaur.

Fr brinks photography - Hvítserkur - Dinosaur rock, Iceland
This wonderful photo was sent by Fróði Brinks. To see more of his beautiful pictures, visit his Facebook page Fr brinks photography and his Flickr photostream.


The second photo with the same amount of votes was taken in Glen Coe, in the Scottish Highlands. Glen is a long, deep and a U-shaped valley, mainly of glacial origin. Glen Coe is considered one of the most spectacular places in Scotland, and is a part of the designated National Scenic Area of Ben Nevis and Glen Coe.

Mike Whittaker - Glen Coe, Highlands of Scotland, UK
This lovely picture was sent by Mike Whittaker from Grimsby, United Kingdom. He is a very talented photographer and you will definitely enjoy his Flickr Photostream.


In third position we have three wonderful shots this week. The first is this beautiful panorama composed of 13 single photos showing the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in Iceland. It’s located in a lava field in Grindavík, Reykjanes Peninsula, in south western Iceland. The complex is open from 9.00 a.m. (or 10.00 a.m. between Sept-May) for around 12 hours. The prices range from 33 to 171 €. You can book your tickets through the official website.

Pétur Gunn Photography - The Blue Lagoon, Iceland
This spectacular photo was taken by Pétur Már Gunnarsson from Iceland. Visit his Facebook page Pétur Gunn Photography for more beautiful shots from his coarse homeland.


The second photo in third position was taken during a hike to a neighbouring village in Batad, Philippines.  The Batad Rice Terraces are part of the Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras which have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. They were built on steep slopes over 2000 years ago and were passed from generation to generation. Looks like a great place for  a hike!

Aaron Warner & Charmie Stryker who sent it said: “we were having to play a balancing act on narrow ledges of the rice fields facing steep drop offs. But the locals seem to have it down, as this one villager zooms past us barefooted and with a heavy load of bamboo!”

New Crop - During a hike to a neighboring village in Batad, Philippines
To have more insight into what the authors of this fabulous picture do, check out Aaron’s and Charmie’s Instagram profiles. You can also visit their New Crop blog.


And the last photo in this week’s competition was taken in Aveiro, Portugal. Aveiro is a city in Aveiro Municipality with the population of nearly 80,000 people. There are several attractions in the city, including cathedrals, canals and the beaches of the Peninsula de São Jacinto.

Bibi Anabela Cláudia Alves - Aveiro, Portugal
This great photo was sent by Bibi Anabela Cláudia Alves from Portugal. If you like this photo, visit Bibi’s online portfolio.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s edition of the competition, either by sending or by voting for the pictures! We wish you nice end of the weekend!


What is Travel Photography Competition?

Each week we publish the three pictures which got the most “likes” on our Facebook page giving the photographers the credit they deserve.

Visit our Travel Photography page to see all the previous winning photos and find out how you can participate.

If your pictures are among this week’s selection, feel free to use one of our HTML snippets on your website and tell your friends about it.

Keep sending your photos and travel safe!



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Travel Photography Competition – week 59
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  1. Fantastic photographs, but I especially like the one taken by Fróði Brinks, it’s beautiful!!!

  2. Those are incredible photos!

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