Italy’s Absolute Musts

Most Beautiful Nature Spot

We haven’t been to the Italian Dolomites which would otherwise probably be number 1 on our list, since we love mountains, but of all the places we’ve been to in Italy, probably Sardinia should be named the ‘most beautiful natural spot’. This second largest island in the Mediterranean is predominantly hilly with gorgeous wild beaches and green valleys. It’s stunning, very lush and you will be able to do all kinds of activities there. The best time to visit Sardinia is spring (see our photos).

 S'Archittu, Sardinia, Italy

Best city /  Town

It’s very hard to choose only one ‘best’ city, as all the Italian famous cities are great and we recommend visiting them all! But if you ask us to name just one, it would have to be Florence.  The city reached its cultural peak in the Renaissance and most of its sights are perfectly preserved to this day. Stunning Palazzo Vecchio, serving as the town hall, with its massive clock tower looming over a square full of beautiful sculptures and tourists crowded around awe-struck, is just one example of how skilled the architects of the Age of Enlightenment were. But in Florence you don’t have to look far to find buildings that would make your jaw drop. A few squares away, there is the Cattedrale de S. Maria del Fiore, which is the fourth biggest cathedral in Europe and seen from the outside gives you goosebumps, even on a hot day. Put simply, Florence (or Firenze, as the locals call it) is extraordinary and has already managed to reach one of the top positions in my personal ranking of the most beautiful places on this planet.
Read about our experience in Florence.

Florence, Italy by night - view over Cattedrale de Santa Maria de Fiore, Basilica di Santa Croce and Palazzo Vecchio from Piazzale Michelangelo - small

Best area for hitch-hiking

The easiest and most spectacular at the same time area for hitchhiking is Tuscany. Rolling hills, friendly people and stone medieval villages  are all you will encounter on the way in this part of Italy. Be aware, however, that between Florence and Bologna was probably the most difficult to get a lift, as the mountainous country roads are less frequented and it’s quite tricky to get on the motorway after Florence without being stopped by the police.

written by: Ania


Our Experience

Before our Balkan Peninsula by Thumb 2013 trip, we had visited Italy several times  but during the last trip we did it most thoroughly, covering 720 km and spending two seeks in the country.

This was our route:

Balkan Peninsula by Thumb 2013



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