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Italy’s Absolute Musts

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Most Beautiful Nature Spot We haven’t been to the Italian Dolomites which would otherwise probably be number 1 on our list, since we love mountains, but of all the places we’ve been to in Italy, probably Sardinia should be named … Continue reading

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Guest post: A tactical guide to Hitchhiking – by Uncle Spike

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In this week’s guest post… we join new contributor Uncle Spike as he shares his wisdom and experience of hitch-hiking including its dark arts.  Wanderlust was my watchword, and very much part and parcel of who I was in the … Continue reading

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Backpacker’s checklist: What to take and how to pack light for a trip?

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We’ve been asked many times to make a post about packing and trip preparation. Since we have just set off for our Balkan Peninsula by Thumb trip, I thought it’s a perfect time to share with you some of our … Continue reading

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Hitch-hiking in Portugal: advantages and disadvantages

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Advantages Let us be frank from the beginning, hitch-hiking in Portugal isn’t easy, but looking beyond the hours you will spend staring down an empty roads or alternatively watching hundreds of potential lifts whizzing by, there are some positives to … Continue reading

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Portugal: hitch-hiker’s essentials

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Types of roads 1. Auto estradas (A) – motorways with the speed limit of 120 km/h. A number of auto estradas are linked with the Spanish motorway system and are normally toll roads. Rather confusingly each auto estrada forms part or … Continue reading

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Spain: hitch-hiker’s essentials

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Types of roads 1) Autopistas (A-roads, AP-roads) – motorways with the speed limit between 60–120 km/h (37–75 mph). The majority of them are toll roads. Hitch-hiking on them is illegal. 2) Autovías (A-roads) – lower rank motorways with the speed limit between … Continue reading

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16 Things you should be aware of when backpacking and hitch-hiking in Spain

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Food & Drink One thing that was really hard to get used to while hitch-hiking round Spain were their eating habits. We normally start hitch-hiking around 10.00-11.00, get a light snack during the day and have some proper food when … Continue reading

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Guest post: How to keep adventure optimal and costs minimal in Iceland – by Alex Vogels

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In this week’s guest post we have a handy guide to hitch-hiking in Iceland sent by Alex Vogels from the Netherlands who hitch-hiked across this stunning but coarse island for 7 weeks. It’s commonly known that Iceland can be expensive, … Continue reading

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Hitch-hiking in Spain: advantages and disadvantages

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Advantages In Europe, Spain is such an obvious holiday destination that you almost take it for granted and don’t even think how beautiful it really is. Hitch-hiking through Spain made us realise it’s a real jewel. It’s the second (after … Continue reading

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How to travel on a budget (transportation: part 1 – hitchhiking)

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Would you believe me if I told you that it’s possible to travel comfortably in a Western European country for as much as 14€ a day? Or that you could spend between 10 and 12€ a day to travel in … Continue reading

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Vanadzor, Armenia

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Vanadzor, situated on the Pambak River, is the third largest city in Armenia and the administrative capital of the Lori region in the north of the country. Vanadzor is a post-industrial monument to the Soviet era and as such does … Continue reading

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When things go wrong / Etiquette / Suggested gifts

It is possible that at some point you might feel yourself in physical danger or things are at a crisis point with the driver of your car. Be warned prevention is key and spotting trouble before it starts is the … Continue reading

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