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Travel Photography Competition of the Year 2012: and the winner is…

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We have started our Travel Photography Competition for two simple reasons: our passion for photography and the fact that we love seeing beautiful places. Given that we can not always travel, sharing photos sent by talented photographers from around the … Continue reading

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Travel Photography Competition – week 23

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Hello travellers and photographers around the world and welcome to our first Travel Photography Competition in the new 2013 year! This week we’re reviewing photos published on our Facebook page between 25th November and 2nd December 2012. If you are … Continue reading

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Travel Photography Competition – week 17

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October was a month when lots of new photographers joint our Facebook page and sent plenty of breathtaking travel photos. Let us present the most popular pictures sent between 8th and 15th October. The first winning photo, sent by Photographical … Continue reading

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Interesting shop windows from around the world [photo challenge]

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While travelling, you must have seen many intriguing, weird or eye-catching shop windows, or funny objects on display you’d never seen in your home country. I find that very often these original shop windows can be more interesting than typical … Continue reading

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Travel photography contributions – week 4 (27 June – 4 July 2012)

It’s been a month since we launched our Travel Photography Contributions competition. Every day many talented photographers send us their amazing travel shots but in our weekly selection we show you only the three most popular pictures. We will start … Continue reading

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Kars, Turkey

General Information Kars, in north-eastern Turkey, is the capital and largest city of the Kars province in Eastern Anatolia. The city lies within 70km of the Armenian border, which is closed, and is the closest large town in range of … Continue reading

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Interesting signs from around the world

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When you hitch-hike you are bound to come across many strange road signs that are uncommon in your parts. We would like to hear from you and see the signs you encountered during your travels. Have a look at our … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Border Crossings

´No! I don´t know what you have in your rucksack,´ and off he drove. Leaving us stranded on the Turkish side of the border with a mile of no-man´s land, a company of soldiers and an impossible situation between us … Continue reading

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Blowing out the last of the smoke in my lungs, I looked along the deck. The banging and whirring of machinery filled the port-side. 12 hours of waiting. 12 hours of over-thinking, worrying. Taking a ferry across the Black Sea … Continue reading

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Our hitch-hike to Gaziantep, Turkey

This particular adventure started with a regulation hitch-hike from Mardin, in the south-east of Turkey, 338km west to the city of Gaziantep. After several rides that took us along the rugged landscape of southern Turkey with its jagged rocks and … Continue reading

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Ani was once the thriving capital of medieval Armenia and was inhabited by 100-200 thousand people. Being an important trade hub, it was bustling with merchants, artisans, wanderers and nobles. It was also an important city for early Christians (called by … Continue reading

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Hitch-hiking in Turkey

We visited Turkey twice. Once, just after we’d met in 2007, we stayed in Istanbul for a week. The second time, in 2011 we hitch-hiked across Turkey as a part of our ‘Caucasus-Turkey-Greece’ trip. We entered the country crossing the … Continue reading

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