Vanadzor, situated on the Pambak River, is the third largest city in Armenia and the administrative capital of the Lori region in the north of the country.

Vanadzor is a post-industrial monument to the Soviet era and as such does not contain many things to do in the city. It is, however, a very useful base for visiting the Debed Canyon monasteries of Sanahin and Haghpat, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.



Accommodation & Food

Accommodation in Vanadzor isn’t plentiful but does have more to offer than Alaverdi. The Hotel Gugark isn’t pretty but is relatively cheap (AMD3000-8000) but only had running water at certain times of the day and certainly no hot water.

A number of restaurants can be found on Tigran Mets Av of varying prices and qualities. The chain restuarant ‘Tashir Pizza’ offers a simple but filling meal at a reasonable price.

Practical information for hitch-hikers

From the city centre / central square head down Khorenatsi Street towards the main train station, which is located near the river. Turn right onto Kayarani Street.The bridge located next to the Holy Mother of God Church and about 100 metres along the riverside is the only one out of town. Cross it and you will be on the M-6 and turn left, towards Yerevan or right, towards Alaverdi, and stick your thumb out.

This city guide was also published by Vanadzor, Lori, Armenia on 15th May 2012.


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written by: Jon



Armenia [travel guide] Ani, Turkey
Armenia [travel guide]
Ani, Turkey

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