Our trips

The way we travel vs. the world map

One of our favourite travel quotes is that “it’s not the destination but the journey that matters”. We couldn’t agree more! Of course, it’s nice to visit all those world-famous monuments and UNESCO World Heritage Sites and, being photography, architecture and history buffs as we are, we do visit them as much as we can, but the beauty of hitch-hiking is in getting to places no guidebooks have heard off, speaking to locals and facing the road.

We are not people who like to tick off destinations from their bucket lists. We like to experience the place by lingering there a little, trying local cuisine, attempting to learn a few words in the local language, getting to know its history and culture. In the ideal world, we’d like to travel as slowly as possible and learn as much as we can about the places we visit.

However, it’s also nice to look at the vast map of the world and realise that although we have been backpackers for 9 and hitch-hikers for 5 years, we haven’t even seen 1/4 of all the countries on the planet! It’s nice to know that there is still so much to discover and see. And in our current rate of visiting, we will have seen 75% of the countries in the world by the time we are 99 years old! :-)

World Map

Our previous trips

Ania and Jon’s trips

Balkan peninsula by Thumb – hitchhiking trip – Italy, Vatican, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Hungary, Austria
Sardinia, Italy
Iberian Peninsula by Thumb – hitchhiking trip – Spain + Portugal
Living in Catalonia/Spain – trips around the country
Caucasus hitchhiking trip – Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece
Tribute to Poland – hitchhiking trip
South-East Asia hitchhiking trip – Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam
Hitchhiking trip to Prague
Backpacking trip to Berlin
Living in Norway

Ania’s trips

Jon’s trips

Erasmus in France – trips around the country
Solo backpacking trip to Budapest
Solo backpacking trip to Paris
Western Balkans
solo backpacking trip
Solo backpacking trip to Japan
Solo backpacking trip to Ukraine
Living in England – trips around the country
 Motorbike Nordkapp trip – Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania – 7500 km on a pillion
Norway Solo backpacking trip

Backpacking trip to Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Istanbul

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