Hitch-hiking in Turkey

We visited Turkey twice. Once, just after we’d met in 2007, we stayed in Istanbul for a week. The second time, in 2011 we hitch-hiked across Turkey as a part of our ‘Caucasus-Turkey-Greece’ trip. We entered the country crossing the Georgian-Turkish border in Sarp (Northeastern Anatolia) and left it, crossing the Greek-Turkish border in Ipsala.

Travelling across Turkey took us around a month and we covered 4233 km by hitch-hiking. We didn’t spend a penny on accommodation either thanks to the widespread use of Couchsurfing.

For more practical information on visas, border crossings, things to see, maps,  dos and don’ts of hitch-hiking in Turkey read our hitch-hiker’s guide to Turkey.

written by: Ania


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