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Guest post: My First Hitchhike – by Surya Bhattacharya (Perpetuallyperipatetic)

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In this week’s guest post… we meet the wonderful Surya as she battles her fear and the darkness on her first ever hitchhike. The braveness she demonstrates is a source of inspiration as missing buses, language differences and finding herself on a border at dusk are all … Continue reading

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The end of our 2-month hitch-hiking trip across the Balkans and the last days in Vienna

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Our original plan, when we’d constructed the first rough itinerary in our heads, was to hitch-hike from Rome across the Balkans all the way to Vienna, doing a massive loop. But as the trip proceeded, we yet again, spent too much … Continue reading

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The End of the Line in Belgrade, Serbia

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Cloaked hoods scurry around, attempting to dodge the raindrops that beat incessantly on the awning above our heads and grey clouds signal the end of the summer’s dream. The announcer announces but we know it’s not for us as we … Continue reading

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Guest post: Hitchhiking for the First Time – by Hector Fröhlich Cortez (whatdoitravelfor)

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In this week’s guest post… we join Hector from Brazil, who decided to try hitch-hiking for the first time while staying in the UK. What were his reasons for doing this and how did the journey go? Read his excellent … Continue reading

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Prishtina (Kosovo) hitchhike, staying with a Kosovar businessman and a grim grey cafe culture

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With our heads still swimming from the extremely confusing short films we had seen at the Prizren Film Festival, we were back on the road, aiming for the Kosovian capital of Prishtina. From Prizren we found a good place to … Continue reading

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Couchsurfing without a host in Ptuj & the depths of human kindness

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The hitchhike from Bled to Ptuj was one of the longest we had attempted on our trip so far, so we knew it was going to be difficult. Thrown into the mix was also the fearful prospect of having to … Continue reading

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Two random nights in Venice and Ljubljana

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While CouchSurfing we have the chance to stay with a wide variety of people; starting with students and the unemployed (even bums sometimes) and finishing with highly paid professionals. Very often we get invited by our hosts for a night … Continue reading

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Trieste: The God question and the most German of Italian cities

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The hitch-hike from Venice to Trieste was achieved with the minimum of fuss, for once. One bus from town to near the airport, a taxi driver who took us for nothing, a wise old lady whose car had some serious … Continue reading

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Our squat-surfing experience in Madrid

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It’s been two months since we left Madrid but only now did I find enough time to think it through and some appropriate words to describe our squatting experience. But let me start from the beginning. Do you know what … Continue reading

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