Tales from the road

Travelling, with it’s essentially risk-taking nature, is the natural home of an anecdote. People who are prepared to challenge their own pre-conceptions and take a leap into the unknown are, more often than not, natural storytellers. By putting on the backpack alone, you have become an observer, your perception is a window and here we are inviting you to share your image.

On our journeys we have had some great experiences that we think others might be interested in.

Our previous stories:

  • One last bus to the crowds of Dubrovnik, Croatia
    (posted on 25th August 2013)
    With a heavy heart it was time to leave Bosnia as we direct ourselves towards the breathtaking Dubrovnik in Croatia where we learnt about the effects of mass tourism.
  • Street scene from Venice, Italy. Night, lamp post, canal, people sittingTwo random nights in Venice and Ljubljana
    (posted on 29th July 2013)
    We are still hitch-hiking across the north of Italy and the Balkan Peninsula and we are having one hell of a time! First we go to a festival in Mestre/Venice, then we end up in the counter-culture district of the Slovenian capital.
  • St. Marks Church, Venice, Italy. Bird-eye viewVenice: a tale of two cities
    (posted on 23rd July 2013)
    There are only two types of people in the world: the ones that love Venice and the ones who hate it. This story is written from both perspectives. Check it out and decide for yourself!
  • Arch alleys in Bologna, ItalyNostalgia Bolognese
    (posted on 15th July 2013)
    As we visit Bologna, Jon reminisces about his university days in Bristol and the similarities between the two places.
  • Florence Cathedral, ItalyArt and leather in Florence
    (posted on 12th July 2013)
    As we continue our hitch-hiking trip, we arrive at yet another architectural gem, Florence or Firenze, as the locals call it. And we get drunk with youngsters, which make us realise how old we really are…
  • Central Square by night, Siena, ItalySiena and the search for a fair price
    (posted on 8th July 2013)
    Join us as we arrive in the beautiful Renaissance city of Siena and learn that in Italy everything has its price. And the price is high.
  • Colosseum by night, Rome, ItalyOn the road that leads to Rome
    (posted on 7th July 2013)
    This post describes the beginning of our 4th grand hitch-hiking trip. This time we will be thumbing across the North of Italy and the Balkan Peninsula. In our first destination, Rome, we admire the marvels of ancient architecture and spend a great time with our Italian hosts.
  • Family celebrations in Southeast Asia – Part 2: funeral (Thailand)Family celebrations in Southeast Asia – Part 2: funeral (Thailand)
    (posted on 25th June 2013)
    This is the second part of a series of posts about family celebrations in Southeast Asia. This time we visit a jungle village in northern Thailand where we attend a funeral.
  • A day in the life of a hitch-hiker: from Spain to Portugal [story]A day in the life of a hitch-hiker: from Spain to Portugal 

    (posted on 27th October 2012)
    Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a hitch-hiker is like? Then read our soty about our journey from Spain to Portugal. With everything from baking heat, via a drug addict to a van full of hippies… Who’d have thought getting from A to B could be so interesting?

  • Our squat-surfing experience in Madrid
    (posted on 7th October 2012)
    Have you ever slept in a squat? a dingy, murky house that smelled of shit? that was owned by people from the margins of society? where the only way to forget was to drink to oblivion… No? well, we have and this is our story with a valuable lesson for us all.
  • The unofficial border crossing (posted on 22nd April 2012)
    If you are a hitch-hiker, you might not always remember all the drivers who gave you a lift, but you will remember all the border crossings you have ever crossed on foot.
  • JP & the thousand km hitch-hike (posted on 17th April, 2012)
    Occasionally things take a turn for the strange and you find yourself in a Thai bierhalle eating spicy fish with your new Thai best friend…
  • A Tale of Two Border Crossings (posted on 15th April 2012)
    Crossing in borders in Turkey is not for the faint-hearted. Read our tale and learn how to wrestle though a crowd and stare longingly across no-man’s-land.
  • Crazy traffic in Vietnam (posted on 14th April 2012)
    In Vietnam crossing the road in one piece verges on the miraculous… Have a look at the pictures and our VIDEOS of this death-defying exploit!
  • My hitch-hiking nine to five (posted on 13th April 2012)
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to hitch-hike? so here you are, we’ve got a first-hand experience for you! hope you enjoy the read.
  • Reisefieber (posted on 1st April, 2012)
    A 3 minute read for you…. about the calm before the storm and the apprehension that goes hand in hand with travelling.
  • Our hitch-hike to Gaziantep, Turkey
    (posted on 28th March, 2012)
    What are the chances of meeting your hitch-hiking driver again? It happened to us only a few times; this is one of these stories…
  • Jon’s Laotian malady (posted on 26th March, 2012)
    What would you do if you thought you contracted a tropical disease? This is what we did…
  • Thaksin’s Red Shirts (posted on 17th March, 2012)
    Political activism meets 100km an hour motorway madness. Read about our encounter with Thaksin’s red shirts…
  •  Sulphur Baths, Tbilisi (posted on 4th February, 2012) 
    While in Tbilisi, we had an opportunity to visit the city’s famed sulphur baths and look at Tbilisians from a slightly different perspective.

2 Responses to Tales from the road

  1. smallpebbles says:

    Well, glad to read you have gumption! And like the stories about your hitch-hiking adventures. Have traveled a fair deal but not by thumb – a great way to live in the present moment! All the best and happy, peaceful travels…..kai

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