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Hitch-hiking in Slovenia: advantages and disadvantages

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Advantages Slovenia might possibly be one of the easiest countries to hitch-hike in the entire Central Europe for several reasons. First of all, the country is tiny, so you will never be crossing large distances which will also give you some … Continue reading

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‘Balkan Peninsula by Thumb 2013’ trip described in etraveler.pl

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Good news, everyone! Our recent trip has been covered by a Polish independent travel website etraveler.pl. Thank you all who made this trip possible and supported us throughout our journey! Thanks to all the drivers, CS hosts and random people … Continue reading

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Balkan Peninsula by Thumb 2013 – trip summary (in English / po polsku)

Przejdź do wersji polskiej Italy… where all the roads lead to Rome We started our 2-month hitch-hiking trip in Rome where we admired the marvels of antiquity and enjoyed a scooter ride by night, offered by our wonderful Roman hosts. … Continue reading

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The End of the Line in Belgrade, Serbia

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Cloaked hoods scurry around, attempting to dodge the raindrops that beat incessantly on the awning above our heads and grey clouds signal the end of the summer’s dream. The announcer announces but we know it’s not for us as we … Continue reading

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Hitchhiking through Kosovo & Macedonia to industrial and grimy Niš in Serbia

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Waking up in the morning was hard, with the prospect of hitchhiking across 3 countries and 2 border crossings that day not making things easier. The border crossing between Kosovo and Serbia, is complicated and had caused us enough problems already, … Continue reading

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Skopje the capital of Macedonia, Catching up with Friends and being Amazed by Change

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Our next destination, Skopje, was also a place we had visited before and again we were interested to see the change that had occurred. As chance would have it, our Slovenian friend, Mišo, who we had met on the Tbilisi–Baku … Continue reading

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Our next trip ‘Balkan Peninsula by Thumb 2013’ in the media!

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Great news everyone! Our next 2-month hitch-hiking trip across Italy and the Balkan Peninsula, which we’re setting off for on 1st July, will be followed by the media! Our ‘Balkan Peninsula by Thumb 2013‘ has been granted media patronage by … Continue reading

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The Balkan Peninsula by thumb 2013: a rough itinerary

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It hadn’t been easy to decide where to travel next. We had many different alternatives and two main trips in mind: either go to Asia (Russia -> Mongolia -> China -> India -> Nepal -> Tibet -> Tajikistan -> Kyrgyzstan … Continue reading

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