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Hitch-Hikers’ Handbook is a platform by which backpackers and hitch-hikers can share their travel stories, photos and practical tips with a larger audience. We are looking for people to contribute their knowledge and experience, so that we together we can build this blog into a bible for all hitch-hikers and budget travellers.

We are specifically looking for contributions in the following two areas.

  • Travel stories: do you have a story to tell? Have you known or seen anything that you think will interest others. Write between 400-800 words and send it to us for publication opportunity.
  • Information: have you been travelling recently? What border crossings did you use? What was it like? How much did the visas cost? Could you cross on foot? Only by sharing your experience can you help make the lives of all your fellow travellers easier.
  • Travel photography: do you have any good pictures of interesting places around the globe? We’re interested in landscapes, cityscapes, monuments, places of interest, locals and hitch-hikers/backpackers travelling. Post them directly on our Facebook page and each week we will select the three most popular pictures and publish them on our website.


We want to give the deserved credit to all talented travel writers and photographers, so if we use any of your stuff, we will put a link to your website, Facebook or Flickr pages.


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  2. Jo Magpie says:

    You’ve been nominated for the “I am Part of the WordPress Family Award”

    Congrats! :)

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